Got a new Record player

I got a new record player yesterday, and I can't say how much I missed my last one.  I got a denon Model 300-F turntable with computerized speed control.  I can't believe how good the audio is compared to my last one (Then again, i spent $$400 with it (Came with an extra stylus))  I *love* the warmth of a record.  For some reason, CDs are so sterile, and while they may be good as far as audio quality, nothing takes you back in time like a vinyl record.  When I was younger, my mom and dad (when they were still married) used to dance the a Harry Nilsson Record (Albumn name "Harry") and you can no longer get the record (They didn't put it to CD) and I took it yesterday and put it to CD.  

I will take a record over a CD anyday, because of the minor imperfections make them much more fun to listen to.  While some may think it's a pain in the arse to get up and flip a record, i find that the best part of it.  To be able to handle such fine crafted Platters and to do it manually.  It's like an old computer. it's great to mess with the technology of Yester-years.  I Can't say enough.  If you are young enough to only remember CD's, i tell ya', there is nothing more fun than messing with old audio gear.  HAM Radio people will tell you the same thing.  Sure you can play with a Cell phone, but nothing connects you to old technology like playing around with Archaic equipment.

I have a victrola that I acquired recently with the death of my grandfather, and I love the thing.  Something as simple as a piece of steel with a self-amplified speaker setup, can bring joy to old audio. Putting on an old ABBA Record is fun.  And I wasn't around at that time when it was made!

All-in-all, i love the record player and the quality, and I love the feel of playing around with it. Smile


Myself also. I have a Kenwood KD 500 turn table and it running thru a Kenwood KD 405 Amp with Polk Audio speakers. Absolutly amazing sound. I agree totaly.

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I put on the Oak Ridge Boys - Greatest Hits two.  I love the guy with the REALLY low voice.  Interestingly enough, you would think it would be the mountain man, but it's not the case.  This was when it was the original 4.  I saw them on TV a few days ago for a christmas special, and the guy with the REALLY low voice is no longer on the quadret.  kinda sucks, because it's not the same without the low voice. Beee