Personal Venture in the Forum Industry

After having to register a domain name and host for a friend that wants to start a business, I got to thinking about finding a dedicated host. Then I started to think about running a forum for customers and other people that I deal with and started to think that "Well, maybe this will become bigger"

Sooo... I ventured into the forum business. It's the first time I have actually run a forum. Been on a number for forums as a mod, but I actually have taken the seat to doing a forum admin.

Anyways, I am REALLY hoping it takes off, but am a bit disappointed after having to transfer hosts (now with the same company that I use for the domain name) and losing the first forums (of which i had people already signing up) I am scared I might now make it after 2 days and only having 9 people on board. Most of them have come over from 68kmla, and I thank them, but I don't know how to get the word out. I am looking at doing some adverts, because I know I have a lot to give to the internet in expertise. I run my own computer repair business and have seen forums that I john go down (shall we say) the "Crapper) like 68kmla where you don't know if it will load, or people become restless because of spam and people bashing each other on the forums. I really hope I never become like that, but it seems every great forum comes to that. But at the same time, i don't want to be a forum "Nazi" (sorry to offend, i mean it as being a total "a**-hole) and drive people off. Not my intention.

Anyways, I run the forum at
I am hoping people join, but I am not holding my breath either. I just need a bit of encouragement and a bit of a prayer to make it take off from the ground.

Wish me luck!


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still need people!

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Best of luck to the forum! May it live for a long time!