Help with a WACOM Tablet SD-311E

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Help with a WACOM Tablet SD-311E


I've just acquired a WACOM 12x18 Tablet Model #: SD-311E.
Though I was able to get the Mac OS9 and PC Drivers for it I'm unable to get a Cable for it...
It has a DB9 on the tablet and I'm assuming that it should be a DB9 M/F for the PC and DB9/M to MiniDIN8/M for the Mac though I'm not sure and don't have any documentation for it so I'm not sure if it might be a DB9/M to ADB/M.

What I need is that ANYone with documentation for this product contact me.
I'm interested in ANY documentation.
Especially User Manual, Hardware Manual, TechManuals, DIP Switch Settings, Wiring Schematics for Mac & PC and a Stylus (I didn't get one with it and I'm not sure if I can use just any Stylus or the one that came with the unit originally..

Please help - Primarily I'm interested more in connecting to my Wallstreet.



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I can't help you with most of

I can't help you with most of the problems...but i can tell you that you do need the original stylus for that particular model. Each of Wacom's tablet models has its own stylus, and they are not interchangeable. The good news is that you can buy them from Wacom online. (The bad news is, it might cost you a bundle.)

EDIT: Ummm, I looked at Wacom's online store, and they don't list an SD pen. Sad You might just have to find a used one.

Looks like their e-mail support system still has the SD's in their pull-down menu. Maybe you could ask (if you haven't yet.)

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