can't install OS 10.2 in a beige G3

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can't install OS 10.2 in a beige G3

I have a beige g3 , 416 MB ram ,a SONY CDR230 cd drive , processor upgrade 500mhz, 9.2 , an audiomedia III PCI audiocard , pci USB card.
I have installed XPostfacto and the installer goes OK umtil
it begins to install the "essential files" , at this point , it says 36 minutes remaining and stands ther for HOURS!!!,
what can I do??
thank you!!

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i dont think you need to use

i dont think you need to use xpostfcto on a beige. it supports up 10.2 nativly

try that and also remove everything not nessicary for the time being- like your pci sound card usb card that might be messing it up


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Had the same problem with mine

Make sure you're not trying to install Mac OS X on a partition larger than 8 GB. On the early G3s, Beiges and tray-loading iMacs included, OS X must reside on the first partition of 8 GB or less.

I managed to install Jaguar (10.2) without XPostFacto. But I had to partition my drive first. I have a 30 GB HD in it now, so that meant I had to partition ino 8+11+11 GB (mine also had issues with partitions larger than 20 GB -- I think this was fixed on a later revision). The 20 GB HD I installed on my friend's Blueberry iMac (333 tray-loader) had to be partitioned into 8+12 GB.

I, too, banged my head against this triviality for DAYS until I read about it somewhere on AppleFritter or Spymac or XLR8youmac or some other Mac geek forum. I now consider it my duty to spread the word.

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if you still have a orignal c

ditch xpostfacto you dont need it to install 10.2 - 10.2.8 on a beige G3. Yea he must have the drive at the right size or it wouldent install at all and get where he is getting now

if you still have a orignal cd drive that came with the beige G3 you need to use it. i cant use the pioneer DVR-110D i bought for my Beige G3 to install OS X any version i have to put my orignal 24x drive in it to install OS X then after the install is complete i can put my pioneer back in. if you dont have your orignal 24x CD rom that came with the Beige i dunno what to tell you. All i know is when i try to install OS X it stalls in the same place as you said if i use my pioneer. it installs just fine with the orignal drive after its done it's ok to put the sony back in

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feedback about the G3 install problem

Thank you all for the tips , I had already partitioned the HD but changing the CD drive to the original ( I bought also this Sony to install OS 10.2!!!) and putting out the USB PCI card may be will help!!!
thank you again!!!!!

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OS X with Beige G3

You can install OS 10.2.8 on your Beige G3 without having to first install XPostfacto. XPostfacto was used to install OS X on non-G3 PowerMacs and should be avoided in this installation. Reviewing your systems hardware I agree with previous posts to install OS X with original Apple hardware initally, then proceed with upgrades using non-Apple hardware. Swap a Apple CD drive back into the machine, if the processor upgrade is a non-Apple product, i.e. Sonnet, NewerTech, ect. there may be complications during OS installation. Also Beige G3's can be picky about the type of ram used, lockups can occur if the ram chips are not the correct type or are missmatched size and type, or different manufactors. Start simple first, Apple hardware for the inital installation of the OS then add the more complex aftermarket hardware after. In addition it is true that the hard drive must be partitioned with 8 gigs as the primary partition. Ypu will recieve an error message during the installation of OS X if the hard drive is not properly partitioned and the installation process will be haulted.

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