Vimage Vpower PB 1400 G3/233 Cache Control Driver

This is a VERY hard to find driver that enables the cache on this CPU upgrade. The card works without it but is barely faster than the original 166mhz CPU. I couldn't find this anywhere online and had to get the original owner of the upgrade card to rescue it off an old floppy for me. Please mirror this so it doesn't get lost!

This file is just a raw image, suitable for dd or rawrite or whatever takes your fancy.

For slightly more info on the card visit

Binary Data VPower Vimage PB.img1.41 MB
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You can also get a copy of the driver from the PPCMLA. It's a Disk Copy .img file wrapped in a Stuffit self-expanding archive (SEA). I've personally used this driver on my PowerBook 1400cs with Vpower 233MHz G3.