First Entry

Well, I didn't realize joining the Applefritter website would result in my having my own blog. I came here because I was having trouble getting my new/old powerbook to boot off the battery. The seller finally got back to me and told me to call his office Tuesday, when I have two jobs to go to. The day afer my root canal. Long distance to New York, too. Nice.

But I've already ordered a new battery off the internet, as well as a new PRAM battery and more memory. I have effectively more than tripled the cost of my 'cheap' laptop, so I hope those will take care of all the trouble. If not, it has to be either the power board, the PMU board, or the motherboard. Or maybe a connector somewhere. Narrows it own a lot, I don't think. I suppose I'll be happy in summer, though, if I can get it to work so that I can take my dog to the park without giving up an hour or more of writing time. And--to be honest--the computer is so cool!

Back in the 70's, when Star Wars was the closest thing to a home computer I had gotten my hands on, I assumed that my first computer would have some sort of AI...and even when it was clear that no current program could carry on anything like a Hal-to-Dave conversation, I sort of hoped my computer would have a personality, and planned to give it a name. That never worked out, because my Commodre 64, as trusty, fun, useful and reliable as it was, was just a Commodore 64. My first two Macs as well. There was just too much of the appliance in their makeup to feel personal about them.

That changed last year when I got Zorg, my Quicksilver G4. Shiny and metallic and arrogant-looking, with a big, round speaker hole in the front which reminded me somehow of the 'O' in the zOrg logo from The Fifth Element. And now this laptop. How could they have named it something as dull and prosaic as Wallstreet? Wall Street is a place where a lot of dull businessmen swap stocks. If you only want to sell computers to dull businessmen with aspirations of stockbrokerhood, fine. The computer doesn't look the least bit businesslike, though. It looks dangerous. It's black, sexy and way too sleek and smooth to call it Vader. It gets to be Bagheera.

My God, I'm naming my computers now. Someone send the men in white coats. Tell them it's an emergency pickup. And to bring a fully-charged Wallstreet battery with them.