From the Pit of Despair and the Dentist's Chair to Castles in the Air

Today has been bizarre.

I got up at 6am because I had to get a root canal before work, and as I showered, i suddenly remembered why I had had enough extra money in my checking account to order my new laptop battery. In short, the money wasn't entirely mine. I will have to make it up from somewhere.

Then I had the joys of root canal to experience, and it was on a back lower molar. You know what that means. That means they shove a novocaine needle down past your jaw, though your ear canal, and out the back of your neck. (Or so it feels.) The root canal had complications, of the canals was calcified shut, and the dentist couldn't get his tools into it. I spent almost two hours in the dentist chair! Still, the dentist was good, and the procedure--even the needle--didn't hurt as much as the bill. Owie ow ow ow. I should never have gotten another charge card. There's a money god out there who keeps a tight eye on me to make sure that if I am doing okay, something goes wrong to absorb any excess cash and credit.

So, I went to work from there. My boss told me I could go home if I wanted, but after the novocaine wore off, I mainly felt like I had a bad sinus headache, so I was fine. First time I checked my e-mail...I nearly died. I have written a book I want to publish, and recently sent a query to an agent. This morning she responded and WANTS TO SEE THE FIRST FiFTY PAGES OF THE BOOK!!!!! I am trying to keep my heart palpitations in check. It's only first base, it's not an agreement, much less a publishing contract with attached movie deal. But still....


Here's about my book, if anyone's interested.


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Congrats on good dental health - I kept my wisdom teeth and made a necklace from them.

Congrats on having a boss sympathetic enough to offer letting you go home.

Congrats on the book thing - I hope it works out. Do keep us posted as it souns like something my young soon (an avid reader) would go for.

Thanks! I'm not sure about the dental health (this is, like, my fourth root canal and crown) but I am certainly aware of my good fortune in the other areas! Smile

I saved one of my wisdom teeth, too...though it has a nasty, rotted brown spot on it, so I keep it as a curiosity rather than as jewelry.