Apple //c for sale

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Apple //c for sale

I have an apple //c that I wan to sell or trade. It is in very good condition, and all that is missing is the origonal RCA video cable, but I have another one that works just as well. Also, I don't have all of the origonal software, though I have some of it.

Here is the site that I made so that I can upload information and pictures easier:

Currently Freewebs is limiting the amount of pictures that I can post on there, so if you want more information, or pictures, feel free to email me or leave me a private message.

I don't know how much to sell it for, so please make me an offer.

If you would rather trade, here are some things im looking for: Broken powerbook G3s, Older Powerbooks and Duos(working or not), beige G3s, blue & white G3s, or just about any other apple stuff.


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