BIOS password on a Thinkpad

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That may be true...

But this forum is more about how-to's and sharing helpful info than pimping services, no?

So tell us, how DO you do this "all the time"? Inquiring minds want to know. (And not because it saves a lousy $20.)

I subscribed to this thread way back when it started just to learn a little (the thread is pretty interesting), but of course you can guess, thats right damned if I dont have a thinkpad now sitting on my workbench waiting for edubuntu with a bios password on it!

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This is the only way that I have found

Check out this link, I think you will find the answer that you are looking for....

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thinkpad BIOS password removal and recovery

don't get upset. but you can check this site to get more info about thinkpad BIOS password removal and recovery:


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