BetterPlayer 1.0 was FTP to as betterplayer.hqx, below is the
press release that went with the file.

contact: Matthew Beedle @
President of Foxchange Shareware @

Foxchange Shareware announces
BetterPlayer 1.0, the alternate QuickTime Player

February 1, 2000, Battle Mountain, NV - Foxchange Shareware announces the
release of BetterPlayer 1.0.

BetterPlayer is a freeware open source utility that plays QuickTime movies
without the clunky UN-Mac like interface that was introduced into QuickTime
Player and Sherlock 2.

BetterPlayer plays QuickTime movies that are either dropped onto the
application or opened within. Once a QT movie has been opened, users can
change the file type and creator so that the file will open with BetterPlayer
by default. Other useful options that have been added are automatically play
and loop options that can be applied to every file individually. This is
especially cool for those that have a favorite MIDI file they like to listen
too, just double click and the file will start to open.

To make life easier, these settings can become default settings as well as
the option to automatically change the file type and creator to that of
BetterPlayer. Just as important as applying these settings, they can also be
removed restoring the file to it's natural state. Since the only thing that
BetterPlayer adds is a STR# to the resource fork, no data can be damaged by
the application.

Foxchange Shareware has released BetterPlayer as open source software so that
other programmers can extend the application's functionality. Several things
are planned for future releases, the ability to add a resource fork to a file
that doesn't have one so BetterPlayer can work with it, sizing options,
remembering window positions as well as basic editing features.

BetterPlayer is the foundation for another unnamed application that Foxchange
Shareware may be developing in the possible future.

Currently BetterPlayer 1.0 is available for download at
The latest version of BetterPlayer can be found at

As well as the goal of producing high quality games for the Mac market,
Foxchange Shareware is also going to be introducing utilities into the Mac


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