Biorythms 8

Biorhythms 8

Our minds, bodies and emotions are governed by three natural cycles, known
as biorhythms. Once we realise how we are affected, we can plan our lives
accordingly, so that we take advantage of our peaks of energy and exercise
special caution on "critical" days.

Biorhythms 8 tracks your cycles, and those of your friends and family,
computes compatibilities, searches, prints, and so much more.

Version 8 is a substantial upgrade, making it the most powerful, attractive
and original biorhythm program available on any platform. It has appeared in
a number of Macintosh magazines.

Requires: Mac OS 8.0 (other users should continue to use version 6.1c)
Shareware $15

(c) Hiatus 1992-2000


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