Organizer X Version 1.1

Organizer X is a simplified shareware personal information
management program for Mac OS X. It features an address
book fully integrated with the built-in Address Book Framework
'introduced with Mac OS v10.2 and up along with a icon oriented
calendar and day planner.

The address book works as a replacement or in conjunction
with Apple's own AddressBook program. Use the address
book to manage and search contacts information. Organizer
X features printing of the address book by entry, primary
phone number list, or as Avery 8160 labels.

Organizer X was compiled on Mac OS X version 10.3 using
Objective-C Cocoa.

The Shareware fee on Organizer X is $7.50. To register,
please visit:

System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.3 or greater

The current version of this program may always be downloaded at:

Revision History:

2004.07.15 Version 1.1

- Added "This is Company" menu item to classify records as
company or individual.

- Fixed search capability feature on the contacts pane.

- Standardized "About Panel".

- Minor code tweaks for improved performance

(c) 2004 NiteOwl Software


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