Scrapbook X 1.1

Since the days of System 1.0, the Macintosh operating system had these
things called Desk Accessories. In System 7.0, they were moved from the
System file to the Apple menu. Starting with System 7.5 and MacOS 7.6,
they gradually turned into applications. One that was always there, from
System 1.0 to MacOS 9.2.2, was the Scrapbook. When MacOS X came out, the
Scrapbook was scrapped.

Well, now it's back. And it's better.

The scrapbook holds text, pictures, movies, or nearly anything you want.
The Scrapbook File that comes with SBX includes 11 items to start things
off. You can, of course, add more items, or even create more scrapbooks.

Scrapbook X is (c) 2003 Kreative Software.


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