QIF Web Extract 1.6 - Extracts Investment Transactions from Broker Websites

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QIF Web Extract extracts transactions from brokerage website
transaction history pages and converts them into Quicken Interchange
Format (QIF). The resulting QIF file can then be imported into
Quicken. To use QIF Web Extract, you display your transaction history
in your web browser. You then select the entire web page (or the
frame of the page with transactions), and copy it into the clipboard.
Then run QIF Web Extract, which extracts the transactions you specify
from the clipboard.

To be able to accomplish this extraction, QIF Web Extract needs to
know what securities and accounts you have defined in your Quicken
file, and it needs to know how your website presents its transaction
information. You need to export your securities and accounts from
Quicken, and QIF Web Extract needs to learn about your website.

QIF Web Extract has the ability to learn about a wide range of
websites. However, no guarantee can be made that any particular
website can be learned. Since different browsers encode web page
information copied into the clipboard in different ways, the specific
web browser used is a factor in determining whether QIF Web Extract
can learn a particular website. QIF Web Extract has been tested with
and works with both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

System requirements:
* System 7.5.3 through 9.1

For more information, please read the documentation enclosed, or
visit the QIF Web Extract Web page:



John Woodward

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