Ticker Strip 1.0

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Vortimac Brings Stock Ticker to Control Strip

(South Bend, IN - April 24, 2000) - Vortimac Software is proud to release
the first of it's Macintosh software products, Ticker Strip 1.0. Ticker
Strip offers a convenient method of tracking all of your favorite stocks.
While other stock tickers clutter your desktop with an additional window to
display their quotes, Ticker Strip displays all your quotes in the most
convenient place possible - the Control Strip. Placing the ticker in the
Control Strip allows it to be visible in all applications, without losing
the precious real estate that is your screen.

Ticker Strip 1.0 is $12 shareware, and and available for PowerPC based
Macintosh computers running MacOS 8.51 or better. More information and
screen shots can be found at http://www.vortimac.com/products.html.

Vortimac Software was founded in 1999 to create quality software products
for the Macintosh platform at reasonable prices. We offer software that is
simple, yet powerful, while carrying on the Macintosh tradition of offering
a superior user experience.

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