NOVA Version 3.1

NOVA was originally written with the intent of creating a stable,
application based screen saver environment. Most of the screen savers
available do a lot of system trap patching via extensions, which
introduce a factor of uncertainty in your system. NOVA does not patch
any OS routines, but instead is completely application driven -- when it
is appropriate (based on user settings), NOVA will launch it's
"Saverlet" applications that will do the screen saving. NOVA provides
three main services to the user: (1) eliminates the potential for
phosphor screen burn-in, (2) security for your system via password
entry, and (3) entertainment for yourself and those who work around you.
One last boastful note: NOVA is one of the only screen saver
applications that can utilize multiple monitor setups-- and when we say
"utilize", we mean that drawing occurs on ALL monitors, not just the
menubar screen. Take that After Dark!

Version 3.1 adds several new features and enhancements. A partial list:

- Holding down the "Control" key and putting the mouse in the NOVA Now
or Never corner causes the NOVA Settings application to reveal itself in
the finder. This is handy for when you want to quickly find your NOVA
installation on disk.

- The entire NOVA package was reduced in size by using the Code Fragment

- Rearrangement of some of the NOVA Settings control panel, and better
support for the Appearance Manager.

- Optimizations in NOVA Launcher.

- The Fortune Cookie Saverlet is back, and better than ever. Drawing is
much smoother and slower, so you can actually read the fortunes! Wink

Requirements: Any PowerPC Macintosh with System 7 or higher. (68K users
can use version 3.0.2)
Cost: $20/user shareware.

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