My Birthdays 1.0 (MacOS 8-9)

My Birthdays v1.0 (MacOS 8-9)
By Peter E. Leonard

Do you have trouble remembering dates, particularly birthdays? My Birthdays
is a simple application for managing the birthdays of your friends,
relatives, clients and co-workers. If you use My Birthdays, you'll never
forget another birthday.

Main Screen

The main screen is broken down into 2 sections, Today's Birthday (which
lists everybody who is celebrating a birthday today) and Birthdays this
month (which list everybody who is celebrating a birthday this month).

To manage (adding or deleting) your birthdays, click on the Manage button.

Managing Birthdays

To add a birthday, enter a person's name and select the Month and Day of
their birthday, then click on the Add button. My Birthdays saves your
entries automatically.

To delete a birthday, click on the person's name in the list at the bottom
of the window, then click on the Delete button. Deleting a birthday is
permanent and cannot be undone.

To return to the main screen, click on the Return button.

Version History

January 2004: V1.0 First public release.

My Birthdays (c) 2004 Peter E. Leonard. All rights reserved
Thanks to windwardskies and Jenn Borton


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