Scheduler 2.1.1

Scheduler 2.1 is a FREE utility that will remind you of remember
important meetings and launch applications on a given date and at a
certain time. It can also be used to manage the launching of applications
upon startup or when your computer has remained idle for a certain amount
of time.

*The repeat pop-up menu is now updated correctly in systems running on
MacOS 8.1;
*The AM/PM button now works in systems running on MacOS 8.1;
*Periodicity of "Every half hour" and "Every hour" corrected in 68k code
running on MacOS 8.1 thru 9.0.4 and PowerPC code running system software
earlier than MacOS 9; oddly enough this bug didn't crop up in PowerMacs
on MacOS 9; apparently this was caused by a bug in the MacOS itself; I
had to rewrite Scheduler in order to work around this system software bug
that, occasionally, made Scheduler quit with an error of type 2;
*The Edit menu and the Close item on the File menu are now disabled
correctly when no window is visible; and
*Scheduler no longer freezes when you launch an application upon idle
time or when Scheduler is in the background;


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