ALF MC16 clone

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ALF MC16 clone
Image icon ALF MC16 clone front1.68 MB
Image icon ALF MC16 clone back2.25 MB

I have finally made a near 100% clone of the MC16. The card was used in the early version of the Alpha Syntauri before switching to the Mountain Computer Music System. 5 Cards can be used with the Alpha Syntauri software and 3 cards with the ALF software.

The card has some differences to the original but it has the same components and the same Layout.


Bugs in the current Layout:

- One connection from DAC3 to the opamp is missing, resulting in a missing voice. Solution: solder an airwire.

- The holes for the 3-pin connectors are too small. Solution: drill them wider.


These bugs will be corrected when i make the layout puplic. Since it is rather hard to get the components, the usability for the community is limited.

I may do a small run of 20 cards. The price would propably be between $60-$90 per card.

I have difficulties to source the 1782Khz Quarz. I have some CSA1.782M resonators but they are not precise enough.