SunClock 1.2.2

SunClock is a nifty little application that shows what part of the world
the sun is shining on. The shape of the shadow changes with the season.
It is a port of the UNIX program sunclock. The first time I saw sunclock
was on a Sun 3 running SunView back around 1989, and I thought it was a
pretty neat program. Since the Mac is so insanely cool, I figured it was
just a matter of time before someone came out with the same program for
it. So, I waited...

... and waited...

... and waited.

Well, a couple of programs that sort of did the same thing did come out,
but they sucked. One was a HyperCard stack, so it doesn't really count
as a program. The other was OK, but it did all this other stuff that I
didn't want, plus I used it once to change my timezone and it screwed up
my PRAM. I couldn't get my Date & Time control panel to set correctly
until I zapped my PRAM. The author wanted something like $25 to get rid
of the shareware dialog so I could fry my PRAM more efficiently. No

So, 8 years later, I finally got off my butt and ported the UNIX source
(it has always been public-domain) to the Mac, and prettied it up a bit.


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