TimeZonesHC 1.1.2 / HyperCard stack time in ALL timezones including DST


TimeZonesHC needs Apple's HyperCard player - see your MacOS CD or Apple's
web site. It could be compatible with SuperCard, Serf, MetaCard and/or

This HyperCard stack by Oscar van Vlijmen can show the time in ALL known
time zones, taking the daylight saving time (summertime) into account.
Enter a time, set a few time zones, and this stack will compute the correct
time in the set time zones. From base time to zone time and vice versa.
If you enter a date as well, the correct daylight saving time corrections
(summertime) are taken into account.
This version can show up to 12 timezones simultaneously.

This stack is a Macintosh application of the TZ UNIX timezone database, but
only for the current timezone information, not the historical information.
This stack is updated to TZdata2003a.

What is so special about this stack?
* You can find information about ALL known time zones of the world. The
database has 406 zone cards.
* ALL known information about daylight saving time (summertime) is
* Calculations are made with a precision of one minute, even in the case of
a transition from summer time to winter time (or vice versa) right now.
* The information is extremely up to date.
* You can study and change all information yourself, nothing is hidden.

Freeware; not to be used for commercial applications; not on CD-ROM's.

Internet page: http://www1.tip.nl/t876506/AboutTimeZonesHC.html

Oscar van Vlijmen

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