Desktop Pictures: Aerial / 640x480

This version of Desktop Pictures: Aerial is for monitors with a
resolution of 640x480.

"Desktop Pictures: Aerial" is a collection of 20 Desktop Picture
shareware images for system 8x.

These images were inspired by the stirring satellite and high orbit
photos that have become as common as the daily TV weather report. Desktop
Pictures: Aerial is meant to express a feeling of the mystery and beauty
of the natural world.

System Requirements:
* System 8 Desktop Picture control panel or pre-system 8 with the
shareware application Decor
* Millions of colors preferred; thousands of colors will look good

Desktop Pictures: Lightning is available in the following monitor
1024x768; 1152x870; 640x480; 800x600; 832x624

Path: /www/exparrot/

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