DaVinci Startup Screen

Da Vinci Startup Screen

The da Vinci Startup Screen is a freeware 16-bit startup screen based on Leonardo
da Vinci's study of human anatomy, "Vitruvian," which has come to symbolize for
many the concept of balance and order (it is truly an "icon"). It comes in two
sizes: one to fit on a 15-inch monitor set at 640 x 480 resolution, the other
sized for a 15-inch screen set at 832 x 624 resolution. Both are centered above
the midpoint to provide room for two rows of init and cdev startup icons. Both
images include the caption, "Welcome to Mac OS" in anti-aliased text.

To use the da Vinci Startup Screen, place the file you wish to use (either the
high or low resolution version) into the root-level of your System Folder (i.e.,
not inside any of the folders inside the System Folder). Leave its name "Startup
Screen." When you next restart your Macintosh, the da Vinci Startup Screen will
replace the normal Mac OS startup screen.

You are welcome to do your own adaptations for other monitor resolutions and
sizes. If you do so, make sure to preserve it in a usable "Startup Screen"
format. Several graphics applications (e.g., SuperPaint) and perhaps some
utilities are able to save and/or convert files into the proper format.

While I can't imagine any particular incompatibilities, I would guess it will
slow down for a few moments the startup sequence for older systems. If it slows
down your system too much, or for some unforeseen reason causes your system to
freeze at startup, restart with extensions off (hold down the shift key during
startup) and remove it from your System Folder--then restart.


Joseph A. Erickson
Minneapolis, Minnesota


The author, Joseph A. Erickson, makes no warranties, either express or implied, regarding the fitness of this or any version of da Vinci Startup Screen for any purpose. Use it at your own risk. The author claims no liability for data loss or other problems caused directly or indirectly by da Vinci Startup Screen.

You are free to distribute da Vinci Startup Screen without permission.

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