"Cyberfem:Denied" Alert Sound (16-bit/44kHz)

"Cyberfem:Denied" Alert Sound

This file from Clixsounds' vast collection of hi-fi sounds for Macintosh
contains a futuristic female voice saying "Denied." The high tech effects
applied to the vocal sound phenomenal when played through stereo speakers.
It makes a great alert beep to be used on its own, or with Clixsounds "YO!"
alert sound randomizer, which allows you to have up to 1,000 sounds
randomly played as your alert sound.

The "Cyberfem:Denied" alert beep is available in both 16-bit/44.1kHz and
8-bit/22.5kHz versions and can be downloaded here or at the Clixsounds web
site along with tons of other free Mac sounds at:

This file is freeware and may be redistributed freely providing it is
unaltered and includes the accompanying document. Note that a portion of
this archive is information concerning Clixsounds products and services.

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Internet: email@clixsounds.com
Support: support@clixsounds.com
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WWW: http://www.clixsounds.com/

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