"Smootch" Alert Sound (16-bit/44kHz)

"Smooch" Alert Sound

Pucker up! This alert sound from Clixsounds sends a big, juicy kiss
to anyone making a mistake on his or her Mac. Great for use as an
alert sound, or even for new mail announcements. It can be used as
an individual alert sound or as part of a collection of sounds
randomly played using Clixsounds' "YO!" alert sound randomizer.

The "Smootch" alert beep is available in both 16-bit/44.1kHz and
8-bit/22.5kHz versions and can be downloaded here or at the
Clixsounds web site along with tons of other free Mac sounds at:

This file is freeware and may be redistributed freely providing it is
unaltered and includes the accompanying document. Note that a
portion of this archive is information concerning Clixsounds products
and services.

Contact Information:

Internet: email@clixsounds.com
Support: support@clixsounds.com
Sales: sales@clixsounds.com
America Online: CLIXSOUNDS

World Wide Web: http://www.clixsounds.com/

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