"FireBomb" Alert Sound (8-bit/22kHz)

"FireBomb" Alert Beep

Give your Mac some real flare with the "FireBomb" Alert Sound from
Clixsounds. A perfect sound for the Fourth Of July Holiday or for just
an explosive attention-getter, this hi-fidelity stereo recording of a
whistling missile whizzes from one side to the center and explodes with a
speaker-blowing KABOOM!

The "FireBomb" alert beep is available in both 16-bit/44.1kHz and
8-bit/22.5kHz versions and can be downloaded here or at the Clixsounds
web site along with tons of other free Mac sounds at:

This file is freeware and may be redistributed freely providing it is
unaltered and includes the accompanying document. Note that a portion of
this archive is information concerning Clixsounds products and services.

Contact Information:

Internet: email@clixsounds.com
Support: support@clixsounds.com
Sales: sales@clixsounds.com
America Online: CLIXSOUNDS

World Wide Web: http://www.clixsounds.com/

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