FolderWatcher 1.2

FolderWatcher is an application designed to help you keep track of the
size of various folders on a given volume. You can set a specified
amount of authorized space on a per-account basis; FolderWatcher will
alert you only if that amount has been surpassed. A dated text file with
a list of "oversized" folders is created.
FolderWatcher will perform its task automatically upon startup and then
quit (the "autocheck" feature).
IMPORTANT: If you want FolderWatcher to run without doing anything (for
data entry, etc.) hold the option key down as the program starts up.
You must do this the first time the program is run, otherwise it will
have nothing to check, and will quit immediately.
On-line help is available from within the program.

Persons who might find this program useful are those who maintain
computers in schools, web servers, etc.
FolderWatcher is free.

Minimum Requirements:
System 7 or newer
68030 or 601 processor
4 MB RAM (for most models)

For further information, contact the author at:

Path: /www/exparrot/

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