Location Manager Desktop Hack v1.0.2

This patch can be used to hack Apple's Location Manager v1.0.2 (included
with MacOS Dirol to work on Macs other than PowerBooks. It may or may not work
on previous or future versions.

It works by removing the 'lner' resources from the Location Manager's
Control Panel, Extension, and Control Strip Module. These resources
regulate the software to run only on certain machines.

To use, simply run a normal installation of Apple's Location Manager. After
restarting with extensions off, run this patch and follow the dialog boxes
to apply the hack. Restart again. That's it!

Use of this patcher is completely at your own risk. I accept no
responsibility for what may result from using this patch or running the
Location Manager on machines it was not designed for. I'm fairly certain
that Apple and the author of ResCompare feel the same.


Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cfg/location-manager-desktop.hqx

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