Lockme 2.0

Lockme 2.0 ($10 Shareware)
Lockme is a very simple yet powerful utility for your macintosh. Lockme, upon your command, blacks out the screen and displays a moving "Enter Password" dialog. Immune from force quits, without any nasty INITs or background apps Lockme is guaranteed not to cause any extension or memory conflicts. It is the most simple way to protect your computer from kids, coworkers or anybody else for that matter while you are using your computer.

Are you a person who often uses a mac in a computer lab? Put Lockme on a disk and bring it with you to the lab. Whenever you need to leave your computer for any reason, simply launch Lockme and rest assured that nobody will use your computer!

Do you just need a simple screen saver that won't cause any extension conflicts? Download Lockme now!

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