Lock-Me! 1.0

LOCK-ME! 1.0:

Author: Michael Nolet
Size: a WHOPPING 4,000 bytes!

If you're like me then you often go and get a cup of coffee while
leaving your computer on with programs running. If you're even more like
me you then often find somebody on your computer when you're back with the
response "just checking my e-mail" or "just checkin something, only be a
Well now there's a solution! Lock-me is a very simple code resource
that will "Lock" your computer with a single key-combination. Hitting
command-shift- (where is your choice!) will call up a
dialog "Please enter the password to unlock this computer." This dialog
won't go away until someone enters the correct password.
At the moment you'll need ResEdit to install it. (I'm having problems
writing an installer that can write to the "System" resource file... if
anybody can give me suggestions?) All this involves is copying resources
which even those unsure about resedit can do.
You can use "Lock-me!" without ANY obligation for 5 days after which if
you continue using "Lock-Me!" I REQUIRE you to send me an email with your
opinion of "Lock-Me!".

Please refer any questions to:


In September of 1998 my email address will be changing to:

Mike Nolet

Open included "How to install" and "FAQ" files for info on how to install
and frequently asked questions.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/cfg/lockme.hqx

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