Technical Snapshot 1.1.1

Dramatically improve your technical support!

Attention developers and publishers.

Think about how expensive it is to support a product:
* Long distance phone charges.
* Staff salaries.
* Equipment and training.
* Programmers trying to track down bugs that don't really exist.
* Programmers trying to track down real bugs, but with little accurate
information to go on.

Technical Snapshot is a tool designed specifically to improve technical
support. It provides a complete list of extensions, damaged files, as well
as system and hardware information.

This isn't some ugly hack thrown together in a crude interface. No!
Technical Snapshot has a beautiful, modeless interface that you'll be proud
to include with your product.

And it's cheap too! You can license as few or as many copies as you'd like,
and you can deliver Technical Snapshot to your customers in any manner you

Please download this application.
You won't believe it until you try it!

David Cook & Tom Zehner

Technical Snapshot (tm)
Copyright 1996 by Storm Impact, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

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