Revised Submission

This is version 0.3 of TempCleaner. It now sports Balloon Help in the
finder and a better Icon. Following is a suggested blurb:

Before MacOS 9, the Temporary Items Folder was a visible folder in
the System Folder and users could just throw accumulated cruft in the
Trash. With OS 9, Apple hid the Temporary Items folder so well that
not even Sherlock can find it. This is further explained in Article
#25134 from Apple's Technical Information Library.

The solution - Apple says they will fix the problem and I'm sure they
will. Until then, they recommend an AppleScript that doesn't actually
work. TempCleaner does work by searching the Temporary Items Folder
at startup and, if there is anything there, moving it to a 'From
Temporary Items' folder in the Trash. Actually, it won't move more
than 20 at a time but I wanted it to be fast enough that you wouldn't
notice it.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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