by Brenton Beck

These are pictures of, Radiation, a customized Apple Classic II. It has a silver paintjob covering the entire machine and red radioactive logos painted on the sides. Radiation also has a modified system fan position so that is on the side instead of on the bottom.


This is a side view of Radiation showing the silver paint, red radioactive logo, and modified system fan, which uses the dust filter from the original mounting of the fan as a cover on the outside.


Here is the front of Radiation also showing the silver paint, and the Apple logo.


Here you can see a closeup of the fan with the cover off. It's the regular system fan with a lengthened cord inside so it would reach.


Lastly, this is the fan with the cover off, showing the optional expansion bay brackets that made the mounting easier for me, and the bracket system made out of two pieces of thin metal bent around it. The compressiion of the fan on the metal holds it in place with the help of a screw at the top.

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