UnUU 2.1US. Decodes UU files & opens them. FAT.

UnUU is a tiny Macintosh utility that deals UU coded chunks sent to news
groups. It knows how to rebuild the original file and to decode UU files.
It can give produced files a file type and a creator depending on the file
names suffix. It can even open those produced files.
UnUU requires System 7 or better.
UnUU is a fat binary that works fine & fast on any Mac, but requires a
68020 or better.

UnUU has a very complete feature set, it's very fast, reliable and eficient.

UnUU works very well with NewsWatcher. You just need to tell NewsWatcher to
use UnUU as its "uudecode helper program" in the "Extracting binaries"
preferences settings. A picture can be downloaded, decoded and opened by
your favorite graphic editor in just one keystroke (cmd-B).

If you deal with UU files, try it ! It's probably the most completly
featured utility for uu-decoding file on a Mac. It's also among the fastest
I know of. And it's a PostcardWare !

Size of the archive : 30k (+hqx).

Georges-Edouard Berenger.

This version adds the capability to process files of an abitrary size.

Version 2.1

* If there is not enough memory to read an entire file in memory at once
even with temporary memory, UnUU will read it part by part if the clever
mode is not selected.
* Sped up a few things.

Version 2.0.2

* Tried to improve the notice.
* Fixed minor bugs in the preference dialog box.
* Tuned some integers sizes to be optimal on both 68k and PPC machines.
* Various little comestic changes.

Version 2.0.1

* Removed bug where selecting a file type or creator by expample would
change the specified folder for creating files.
* Improved the way the destination folder is tracked. The destination
folder can now be renamed, moved around, etc.
* Improved the way name conflicts between files and folders are resolved.

Version 2.0

* Created a complete preference dialog box that lets users select ALL
settings (no more ResEdit !).
* One can choose to create the produced file either in the folder of the
source file or in a specified folder.
* Source files can be automatically deleted, moved to the trash, organized
in a folder or left where they are. They can also be renamed after the name
of the produced files.
* Removed the useless debug mode.
* Improved the way name conflicts are resolved.
* UnUU now reports in the about dialog box which code (PPC or 68K) is active.
* Compiled with CodeWarrior 7.

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