Asset Basset 2.97

Asset Basset tracks investments, specializing in asset allocation. It will
perform the following useful functions:

1) It tracks allocations in various asset classes (foreign/domestic,
equity/bond, small-cap/large-cap, etc.). A unique feature is the ability to
allocate percentage amounts within a single investment; for example, a
mutual fund 60% in stock and 40% in bonds can be accurately represented in
Asset Basset. By enabling percentage allocations within an investment,
Asset Basset lets you monitor the allocation and performance of your
investments with a precision limited only by your knowledge of your own
2) It lets you define portfolios using allocation criteria, e.g., "foreign"
or "foreign fixed-income" and monitor the performance of the portfolio.
3) It calculates the cost-basis of each investment, using either the
average-cost or first-in-first-out methods, and generates tax-reports of
capital gains and distributions for any year.
4) It calculates total profit using the time-value of money, with methods
such as the internal rate of return, and the discounting/compounding of
cash flows.
5) It keeps track of total worth, out-of-pocket cost, and so on.

Version 2.97 fixes a bug which kept portfolios from updating when the basis
or cost in an account changed without changing the total value of the

Asset Basset requires a 640x480 screen or better; a PowerPC is recommended
(portfolio updating will be kinda slow on a 68k machine). It requires 1.5
MB of available RAM.

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