Simple PIM Abstract - SimPimv2.fp3

Here's a simple personal information manager designed in FileMaker Pro
3/4 for those of us whose lives are not so strictly regulated by clock
and calendar and who don't need to schedule in 10 or 15-minute
increments. It contains an introductory database (Master) plus selection
of related templates (Contacts, Journal, and Schedule) which are
designed to be used together to manage and document personal and
professional activities. The templates for Contacts and Journal can be
used alone, however, the Schedule template is heavily linked to Contacts.

Please note that the Journal portion of the PIM supersedes Journal 1.05
and Journal 1.06 which are now obsolete. Users who registered for either
of these may secure a free password to the new Journal portion of PIM by
contacting the developer.

PIM (SimPimv2.fp3) contains three primary templates and should be
compatible with both PC and Macintosh platforms although it has not been
tested for the PC. The databases are:

Master 2.0.0 (Mstr200.fp3) to present a title page and introductory documentation.

Contacts 2.0.0 (Cntct200.fp3) to keep track of personal and
business contacts.
It has two layouts: an entry page and a list view.

Journal 2.0.0 (Journ200.fp3) to maintain a computer-based diary or journal.
It has two layouts: a journal entry page and a list (contents) view.

Schedule 2.0.0 (Schdl200.fp3) to record and manage appointments and to-do's.
It has three layouts: an entry page which contains complete data, a
list page which summarizes to-do's and appointments, and an expense page.

Users have full access to every feature of the PIM except for designing
or changing layouts, editing scripts, and defining value lists. These
features may be accessed after registration. There is no limitation as
to number of records, printing, saving, etc.

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