Leonardo IDE 3.4.1

Announcing new version: Leonardo IDE 3.4.1

Leonardo is an integrated environment for development, reversible execution
and visual debugging of C programs (see
http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~demetres/Leonardo/). It is especially well
suitable for algorithm animation purposes and for learning the C language.

Leonardo's executable file includes:

- a text editor with syntax coloring (based on Marco Piovanelli's WASTE
text engine)
- a fully reversible virtual CPU for executing programs
- a compiler for the ANSI C language (generates code for Leonardo's virtual
- a compiler for the logic-based ALPHA visualization language
- built-in operating system facilities for process, I/O and memory management
- an integrated logic-based general-purpose 2D visualization system
- a simple graph editor

With Leonardo:

- you can execute the code in reverse, like for example, when you are
stepping through a program, you can step backwards, essentially undoing a
previous step

- you can embed in any C program special declarations written in the
graphic language Alpha that allow you to declare graphical objects and to
let their attributes (size, color, position etc.) depend on the content of
variables of the C program itself. When such variables change, all
graphical objects depending on them automatically change to reflect the new

Leonardo is distributed with a repository of C programs including several
implementations of classical algorithms and visualization/animation demos.

Leonardo's package for the Macintosh (1.6 MB, PPC, MacOS 7.5 or higher) is

Major news in Leonardo 3.4.1: popup menus in text windows for listing
defined C functions and for changing the font size, UNIX-like argc/argv
support, fixed some bugs, added new programs to the repository.

Path: /www/exparrot/files.tidbits.com/info-mac/dev/leonardo-ide-341.hqx

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