trueColor provides an intuitive way to work in color in HyperCard.

You can give buttons and fields colors and color pictures.
Buttons can have color icons.

You can cut, copy and paste color pictures and icons
to and from the clipboard.
You can move fields and buttons in color.

The information about the color properties is
stored within the buttons and fields,
so eg. moving a button with a color icon
requires only to move the button,
not the button first, and then a color overlay.

Version 1.03 contains my new web and e-mail addresses,
otherwise it is identical to version 1.02.

Since version 1.02 trueColor works with HyperCard 2.1 or later.
This was possible, because an external function is used
to collect part properties with the additional result that
painting cards is now about 50-100% faster.

As a side effect, trueColor is no longer slow in HyperCard 2.2
on PowerMacs that have Connectix SpeedDoubler installed.

The screen is now locked before going from card to card.
Color fillings are no longer shown on screens with less
than 16 colors/grays (wrong colors were displayed).

trueColor requires HyperCard 2.1 or later
a 68020 or higher, preferably a PowerPC or a fast 68k Mac.
Some features require 32-bit QuickDraw (included in Sys 7),
QuickTime, or a monitor with at least 16 colors/grays.

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