trueTools contains these five stacks:

truePrint lets you copy the card picture to the clipboard
and, if you want, to print it.

trueConvert converts stacks that use trueColor
to stacks that are colorized using Apple's Color Tools.

vue uses HyperCard's picture command (XCMD)
to display pictures at full screen.
You can view picture files, resources or the clipboard,
zoom in and out, move around and take screen shots.

JPEGtoPICT converts all JPEG files in a folder to jpeg-compressed
PICT files, which are placed in a new folder.

spider lets you weave your web pages in HyperCard.
You create special, simple stacks in HyperCard
and then convert them to web pages.

All these stacks are intended for use with HyperCard 2.1 or later.
For two of them (trueConvert and spider), you will also need
a newer version of HyperCard Player (available free from Apple
on the internet).

Version 1.03 contains my new web and e-mail addresses
and fixes a bug in the spider stack; otherwise it is
identical to version 1.02.

The spider requires AppleScript and the freeware program
"clip2gif" by Yves Piguet.

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