HC Information on File Exchange

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2039 03:18:19 -0500

Here are two HyperCard V1.25 format stacks, but run fine under HyperCard

1) Data Transfer Info.:
- is a stack which start to address the issues involved in exchanging data
from IBMpc to/from Macintosh and file translation.
- It has informatin on Word Processors, SpreadSheet, Graphics and database
file formats and list some problems and solution to translation between
file formats.
- it has a section on MS-DOS file extensions and what they mean.
- it has soem screen clips from Claris XTND (MacWrite II), AFE, MacLink
Plus, MicroSoft Windows Paint program.
- it list from free unix bitmap graphics translation packages
- it list a shareware IBMpc bitmap translation package

2) Program Import/Exports:

It contains cards listing applications and formats they can import or
export directly. Where separte translation utilities are available they
are listed on separate cards with refereces to them.

Each card has four text fields:
"title" - Product name, Version, & Operating System.
"Import" - Import formats
"Export" - Export formats
"Problems" - Known problems, limitations, references & other information.

Permission is granted to use these stack for electronic presentations in
the educational community free of charge, as long as credit information is
left unchanged and is displayed.

Printed copies must include following information:

By Mark Fleming
Copyright 1992, All Rights Reserved
521 Albert Street, Kingston, Ont.
Canada, K7K 4M5

Phone: (613) 545-239 Fax: (613) 545-6798

Email: FLEMINGM@qucdn.queensu.ca

The information is "as is", since I have collected the information from may
sources. If you find errors, omissions, or addition, please send the
information to me to be included.

All trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

NOTE: Text of changes as a note or the "New hypercard cards" are find with
[graphics to be added B&W only please, PICT or MacPaint format!]
Cheers, Mark

Macintosh Support, Computing & Communications Services
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario Canada, K7L 3N6
Phone: (613) 545-2039, Fax: (613) 545-6798

E-mail: FLEMINGM@QUCDN.QueensU.ca AppleLink: CDA0448

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