GC Frontier Snippets 1.0

Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 17:13:07 +0100

GC Frontier Snippets 1.0
Important stuff, please read...


this is a collection of Frontier 3.0 scripts, which enable Userland's
Frontier to do some things which are not (or poorly) implemented in the
standard version.

These are more than 50 scripts and variables which noone should be
without. Like getting the monitor size and settings, turn file sharing
on/off and get its state, position Finder windows, set Finder flags, get
sizes of Data and Resource Forks, some Ressource magic and lots of other
stuff, to much to mentiuon here. Just try it out!

This is how to install:

* Double click on the file "root.snippets" and install it into your

* in "system.misc.paths" add another address: "root.snippets". That way
you can just type the snippets scripts without supplying the whole path
to the procedure when you call it.

* Double click the "system.extensions" file and import it under a
different name, like "root.foo" or something. This way you can take a
look at the XCMDs I added and copy those externals to your own externals
folder. Although this is not necessary, I would do it this way. However,
if you want to, you can replace your existing "system.extensions"
without taking a look at my extensions.

Legal stuff:

All of these scripts work fine for me (on different machines). However
there might still be some bugs somewhere. Therefore use it at your own
risk. Some Externals are from the net, some are from myself. Whenever
poosible I have included the related documentation of the external in a
WP document. I hope that I didn't violate a copyright or shareware
regulation, but I don't think so. If so, please contact me. Userland has
nothing to do with this, and I have nothing to do with Userland, except
for being a satisfied customer. I hereby put these scripts into "Public
Domain" or "PostcardWare", whatever you like most. Drop me a line with a
beautiful picture and you make me happy -- it's so easy!

If someone from Userland reads this, I would like to make a wish: Please
remove the bug from setting the size and position of the Frontier.root
window. Thanks so much. Your Tech Support is great!

Have a good time and -- Happy Scripting!


Gary Czychi
Tiefe 966
CH-9105 Schoenengrund

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