dev/src/mac-starter-c.hqx (new version)

Date: 01 Feb 1994 10:50:28 -0500 (EST)

This file should replace "dev/src/mac-starter-c.hqx" in info-mac.

I have heard from several people who had trouble using
MacStarter with THINK C 6.0. The problems seem to be caused
by stricter type-checking of pointer types in version 6.0.
The error messages will go away if you turn off the "Check Pointer
Types" option in the options box for THINK C (under the
Edit Menu), but there turn out to be a few actual errors
(not just type problems) that should be corrected.
So, I have updated MacStarter to work with THINK C 6.0,
as well as with version 5.0, and corrected known errors.

David Eck
February 1, 1994

MacStarter is an application shell for writing quick, small programs
in THINK C (5.0 or 6.0). If you are already a Mac programmer, you
probably have written your own such shell. However, I am
posting this to info-mac because:
-- it might be useful for a C programmer who wants to
get started writing programs with Mac interfaces without
facing the darker parts of Inside Macintosh or the THINK
Class library
-- it uses a window class to provide the basic functionality
of windows (This provides a concrete example of how objects can
be used in THINK C. It is also a neat way of localizing the
changes you need to make in the shell to produce a working
-- I have actually put in the time to write fairly detailed
comments explaining how to use the shell

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