by Jamie Pentland


I came up with the idea for the Kleenex Cube when I read the reviews, and users comments on Apple's new desktop machine. I was considering purchacing one, and kept reading about how everyone thought it looked like a toaster or a Kleenex box...

Well, I got one! And I love it! Mine, however had gluemarks behind the Apple Logo, and some dust and such between the metal and plastic outside, and so I called Apple Canada. They promply sent me a new case, and told me to do with the other one as I wished.

It seemed unrealistic to make it into a toaster, so I thought... Kleenex Box. And it's so easy to make one of these attractive pieces of art that it's as if Apple engineers made the shell to serve both purposes...


To make the KleenexCube, all I had to do was remove the ventalation panel from the top of the case. This can be done with a Torx screwdriver. Four screws are removed to release the vent panel and a grate that seems to serve as a guard against particles falling inside the computer (like coins, etc.) These items are easily put back on if you decide to un-kleenexize your cube shell.

emptyinsidecu kleenexbox

Inside the shell, there are two latch-like metal panels that extend downwards from the top... And they are the perfect distance apart (approx 4 1/4") to grip a common tall-style Kleenex box! Just squeeze the box between these two latches, and voila! Pressure itself holds the box in!! You can attach a piece of tape to the latch to fully secure it.

And that's it!! You'll be enjoying a fun, easy to use SuperComputer Kleenex Box! And no fan!! What a difference!

More Pictures...

bottom boxinside bottom kleenexcubetop2 kleenexcubetop

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