NetCacheResolver 0.9d6 source

The package includes the source code of NetCacheResolver
application, written in C language with Code Warrior DR 8.
NetCacheResolver application program is also bundled
into the NetCacheBack package. So, you do not need to
download this package if you have NetCacheBack package
or you have little concern in Macintosh programming.

NetCacheResolver is a helper program to NetCacheBack,
which converts the 2.0's CCache log datatabe of
Netscape Navigator to that one of 1.1N's Cache log.
NetCacheResolver is an AppleScriptable application,
such as responding and directly sending back the
resolved records to NetCacheBack.

* Changes since 0.9d5, October 26, 1995
(1) Yesterday (oh, what is today?:-), I encountered an
Unidentified Field Object in the CCache log database. This
latent field, which I called "export", was an unexpected one,
though I think most users may not have suffered from it.
NetCacheResolver failed to resolve it properly. I fixed it.

Requires System 7.5 or later. Or, the scriptable Finder
and other Scripting Additions.

NetCacheResolver is a freeware program. You can distribute
it without any limitations nor permission.

See also:

I wish you enjoy it!

Mizutori Tetsuya, RCAST, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

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