AtariVD Editor 1.3

AtariVD Editor allows you to create and edit virtual disks for Atari 8-bit
computers (400, 800, 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, & 130XE models) on the
Macintosh. The virtual disks can be used with Rainbow, Chris Lam's Atari
800/800XL/130XE emulator for the Mac, or with any other Atari 8-bit emulators.

AtariVD Editor recognizes 8-bit virtual disk files in these formats:

.ATR: Nick Kennedy's SIO ATR file format with a 16-byte header at the
beginning of the file.
.ATD: AtariDisk format. These files begin with a 16-byte Macintosh header.
.RBW/Raw disk images: No header data. These files contain only the disk
sectors themselves.

AtariVD Editor is capable of reading, writing, and creating virtual disks in
both Atari DOS 2.0/2.5 and MyDOS 4.5 formats. In MyDOS format, you can create
virtual disks from 720 to 65,535 sectors of either 128 or 256 bytes! (90K to 16MB)

A simple text conversion feature with built in ATASCII <-> Macintosh text
conversion is also provided.

Changes in version 1.3, 11/7/1999
* Fixed an Atari DOS 2.x file flag-byte bug (caused an error-144 when
attempting to read from Atari DOS).
* Fixed DOS 2.5 enhanced density free sector calculation. (really!)
* Fixed updating of byte edit box when the sector number is changed with the
file list selected.
* Internal enhancements: better memory handling, some routines rewritten to be
more compact and efficient, several redundant code blocks replaced with
subroutine calls.
* Improved Atari <-> Mac file name conversion.
* The "Save Sector" button is now enabled and disabled as appropriate.
* When clicking on a list (file/hexadecimal/ASCII) to activate it, the current
selection is now preserved.
* Byte selection between the hexadecimal and ASCII sector data lists has been synchronized.
* Major dialog boxes have been converted to movable modal dialogs.
* Two arrow controls have been added to the sector editor, allowing easy
sequential sector navigation.
* A new preferences dialog lets users choose how boot data is stored, and
whether to use Rainbow type/creator codes.
* When adding or erasing a bootable DOS file on Atari DOS 2.x disks, the boot
sector data is no longer overwritten.
* The free sector indicator in virtual disk windows now shows the total usable
sectors and free space in KB.
* The file/directory list header now displays the total number of items in the
current directory.
* Multiple items can now be selected in the file/directory list.
* Files with creator/type codes of "A8VD/TEXT" can now be imported into
virtual disks from the Finder.
* Drag and Drop support added.
* Many additional small UI changes/improvements to menus, dialogs, and the
disk windows.

AtariVD Editor 1.3 is freeware. Requires System 7.5 or later.

Richard A. Carvel

Permission is granted to distribute AtariVD Editor 1.3 on the official
Info-Mac CD-ROM.

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