Substitute Pro 1.8.5; General purpose utility.

Substitute Pro 1.8.5; General purposeutility.Substitute Pro is a
usefulgeneral purpose utility, it has a lot of options.

Substitute Pro sports Drag and Drop and is Drag Manager aware: youmay
perform some actions of above simply dropping objects onto itsmain window
or onto its desktop icon. You may choose the actionSubstitute Pro should
perform by using Drop Keys.

Substitute Pro is Internet Config and Navigation Manager aware,moreover
it's Appearance savvy. It requires at least System 7 torun.

What's new in 1.8.5 version
- QuickTime(TM) Streaming playing.
- File joining.
- Linked with MoreFiles 1.5.
- Linked with Internet Config 2.0.2.
- A bug in Navigation routines fixed.
- Recompiled with Interfaces-Libraries 3.3.2.
- Better cursor management in numeric conversion window.

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