Synchronize! 3.5.5 - Mac File Sync and Backup

This is Synchronize! 3.5.5, a file synchronization utility fully compatible
for Mac OS 8. As an introduction to Synchronize!, you may use its basic
file synchronization and backup features FREE. Decompress this
self-extracting archive and try it out. The many advanced features of the
program may be demonstrated with folders which contain less than 1 MB.
Unlimited use of the advanced features requires the purchase of the
program, which is $29.95, plus shipping.

As an example, you can use Synchronize! to connect to a remote network with
AppleTalk Remote Access, log on to a file server, synchronize or backup
some files, log off the file server, disconnect ARA, and put a PowerBook to
sleep or shut down your Mac. All this can be scheduled to happen at night
or at any preset time, once or peridically, without anyone present.

Synchronize! is a great way to keep your work-in-process backed up on a
second hard drive or a removable drive. Set it to copy those important
files at lunch, or the end of the day, and you're always safe from a hard
disk failure. Synchronize! is quick, too, because it copies only the files
which have changed.

Features include:
> Accelerated for Power Mac.
> Apple Guide - step by step instructions (System 7.5 only)
> Drag and drop - set folders by dragging from the desktop (System 7.5 only)
> Hierarchical display of files to be copied, like the Finder
> Selection of files or folders, by full or partial file name, file type,
>creator, and label.
> Easy one-way backup, with deletion of old files
> Copy AutoDoubler files without expanding them
> Conflict checking
> Synchronization of deleted files
> Use aliases to group certain files and folders to sync
> Optional verification
> Automatic synchronization at any time, once or periodically
> Launch Synchronize! automatically, when sync is needed
> Automatic connection to server disks, using File Sharing or AppleShare
> Automatic entry of Remote Access and server passwords, so you don't have
>to be there to enter them
> Automatic unmounting of remote disks AppleTalk Remote Access
> Automatic shutdown or sleep when done
> Activity log
> AppleScript support
> FREE Upgrades, when downloaded from an online service

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