The Inquisitor ET 1.0

The Inquisitor ET 1.0
By Ethan Tira-Thompson

What it is:
This application allows you to easily determine how your hard drive's space
is being used. It displays a pie graph of the folders and files on the hard
drive, allowing you to compare at a glance their relative sizes. You can
add items to the graph by drag-and-dropping them onto the window, or
through the "Add..." menu item. You can drag the graph around to see it
from different angles, or click on one or more items to get some statistics,
such as the amount of space taken up compared to the amount of data stored,
the number of files, the average file size, etc. You can also navigate
within the graph by double clicking on folders to view their contents.
Please examine the readme for more instructions.

System Requirements:
A PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.?
I'm not sure if it will work with anything previous to 8.5, but it might.
It almost certainly won't run with System 7.

Free! Consider it my payback to the community for the great support they've
given me. However, a post card or other encouraging feedback is very
inspiring... just think, you have the power to influence the style of a
budding young programmer! ;^)

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