TypeRighter Suite 1.2 - File Type Management Utils

The Lightning Foundry's TypeRighter Suite 1.2
Unique Mac OS file type management utilities

The corner stone of The TypeRighter Suite is a contextual menu plug-in
which allows you to manipulate the creator and type of any number of
files selected within the finder. Utilising the power of Mac OS 8.x, and
Internet Config, The TypeRighter Suite makes it easier for Macintosh
users to open files downloaded from the Internet, or any cross-platform

For Macintosh systems runnning System 7, the TypeRighter application is
provided, giving similar functionality.

What's New

- Version 1.2 adds the ability set a file, or group of files, to be have
the same creator and type information as a seperately chosen file.

- Navigation Services savvy.


- Automatically set the creator and type of a file, or group of files,
based on its filename extension (requires Internet Config).

- Manually set the creator and type of files.

- Copy creator and type information from files

- Paste copied creator and type information to other files.

- Set the creator and type of a file, or group of files, to be the same
as a user specified example file.

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