touchMe 1.2

[touchMe 1.2]

touchMe is an application program to change the creation and/or modification date
time stamp of any Macintosh files or folders. It is like Unix command "touch".

To run the program, it requires System 7.1 or later. Under System 7.5, touchMe is
also AppleScriptable and allows to accept drag & drop operations. The program is
written under the Metrowerks C++ application framework of CodeWarrior PowerPlant.
And, the package includes a set of its source codes.

* Changes since v.1.1.2, published on February 10, 1997 - New. The modifier-key
operation was changed. To touch the files, just put them onto the application
icon or the touchMe window. To fill in the date time columns, please drag and
drop the file or folder over the columns with the command-key pressed. - Bug. It
sometimes failed to hilite the border of touchMe window when you drag the files
with command-key pressed. Fixed for sure! - New. The text strings can be put
shortly in the date time columns even if you do not hold down the command-key or
option-key. - Bug. The indicator (*) for holding modifier keys was flickering
unsteadily on the top-left corner of the window. Fixed. - New. Corrected the
right captions of check boxes and radio buttons for the readability. - New. The
design of the Apple Guide file was improved. It now starts to open the topics
list window, instead of browing every panel in sequence from the first. The
previous version of the styled help board was discontinued. - New. The software
is now constructed from a bunch of reusable codes, which forms a class library
common to my "puriTEXT" program.

touchMe is a freeware program. You can distribute it without any limitations nor

The latest version of this software is also available at:

Mizutori Tetsuya, Tokyo, Japan

Path: /www/exparrot/

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